Visit to the mosque

Mannheim's mosque

After visiting the headquarters of the institute for integration and interreligious dialogue we went to the mosque in the city center of Mannheim. This was a fairly new experience for ALL students. Most of the German students had never been to a mosque and definitely never with Jewish students. Due to the current situation in Israel it was a very touching experience for the Israeli students. All their life they have had to deal with the conflict between the Israeli and Palastinian citizens which has cost millions of lifes on both sides. Now they could experience the religious customs of peaceful muslims!


They were astonished how many parallels there were between their culture and the muslim one. This had such a great impact that they can now go home and influence their friends and families by telling them how similar the two fighting parties in the middle east are. 


Another good effect was that they could understand their own prayers much better which is proof of what Mr. Kamran and Mr. Schäfer had mentioned earlier in their conversation with the students.

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