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English class K1 of Ms. Wilhelmi-Trinemeier

The students of the Leo Baek education center had the opportunity to visit different classes in Lessing-Gymnasium. We offered them classes from grade ten to twelve where they got to experience the different schooling methods used by teachers in Germany. We also integrated the topic of our project in the classes which were visited by the students. 


In the English class of Ms Wilhelmi-Trinemeier the Israeli and German students, who not only were participants of this exchange programme but also nonparticipating students, formulated the questions for the visit to the asylum seeker house and discussed the circumstances of the asylum seekers. This caused a new awareness in the students and we didn't only have a greater understanding of this issue but also greater sympathy for the underprivileged residents of the asylum seeker house.


A similar venture was done in the tenth standard where the students performed an emotional discussion on the topic if Germany should open it's doors to asylum seekers.    



English class K1 of Frau Wilhelmi-Trinemeier

We were very lucky that the adventsbazar of our school coincided with Hanuka, a Jewish festival. So we had the opportunity to incorporate a little bit of the Jewish culture into the school festival at Lessing.


Schlomo, one of the Israeli teachers, explained what Hanuka is all about and showed which rituals are usually performed during the ceremony and explained what the significance Hanuka candles and a dreidel is. Later on a large group of students, teachers and parents of our school sang some traditional Hanuka songs together and we distributed some "Berliner", a traditional Jewish snack orginally called sufganiot (for Germans it is now called the "Berliner"), which is a traditional food item distributed during Hanuka.    

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