Holocaust memorial day

Memorial Day 27.04.2014 as seen by a German student
The holocaust Memorial Day started with a ceremony in the evening. The students of the Leo Beack Education Center lit 6 candles to remember and honor the 6 million victims of the holocaust. To each candle one holocaust survivor told his own story of his confrontation with the holocaust. What they experienced, how they survived.  Although we didn't understand Hebrew we got the meaning and the feeling of what the survivors had to experience. Their pain and sorrow was incomparable and one did not need to understand what they said! The atmosphere spoke for itself.  The whole ceremony was really touching and emotional.


Now 60 years after the horrible holocaust we are really glad to be here in Israel. Be accepted as really good friends and to convene as good friends. A project such as ours is the intrument to avoid such a terrifying incident such as the holocaust ever repeating itself. If we live together, speak with each other and like each other, no propaganda can change the way the feelings and togetherness have recovered over the past 60 years. And this is not only valid for the Jewish-German-realtionship. This memorial day showed us that it can be transferred to any relationship on this planet! We need to learn out of our past for the present and future!  



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