Yad Vashem

Our trip ended with a visit to the Yad Vashem. The Yad Vashem is a museum built on the slope of mount Herzl to remember and research the Holocaust and its victims. It not only consits of a museum, a series of memorial sights but also the international school for Holocaust studies.  We recieved a guided tour through the vast complex. We learned a lot about the Holocaust, it's development, how it occured, its progress, it's consequences and many more aspects.

Our guide was a doctorate whose topic of promotion was history. The way he presented facts in this emotional but still firm way was very captivating. 


It was very interesting but sad to hear of stories of families and friends who were separated, deported and killed. It is far more touching when you hear of individual stories rather than talk about 6 million killed jews because one can identify with a single person. They had similar dreams and aspirations and they loved their parents or siblings, just like us, and were separated from them.  


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