Asylum seerkers

Just like in Germany we focused on working with the asylum seekers in Israel. We wanted learn about their situation and the problems they face on a daily basis. 


With this goal in front of us we travelled to Tel Aviv where we met an NGO that worked with asylum seekers.


They showed us the catastrophic circumstances under which the asylum seekers have to live right after their arrival. The aim of this NGO was to sensibilise us to their situation and explain their problems and hurdels.


After arriving in Israel the asylum seekers are transported to cities such as Tel Aviv where they are left behind and have to fend for themselves. They mostly don't even recieve a work permit. That is why it is very difficuilt for them to find a job and resulting out of that is is a great problem for them to lead a normal life. Sometimes they are also deported into a asylum house in the middle of the Negev desert, where they have the opportunity to move around freely but have to give an attendance in the morning and evening. 


We also spoke to an asylum seeker who could only confirm all the circumstances which he also had to experience on his own. It was very hard for him to gain a foothold in Israel's society and get a job to survive.



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