Our aims

We, as a young organisation, are trying to play our role in making the world a little bit more prejudice and racism free. Step by step! Of course we can't change the whole world but we are trying to change atleast our world. That means our schools, our cities, our states and maybe our countries. But first and foremost we want to change our society! This website can be used as a source of information about our project for all people around the globe and an easy way of contacting us is guaranteed. 


As we started this project the Israeli and German students/teachers immediately had the idea of integrating the less fortunate in our society. The only problem is that the social and political structure of the German and Israeli society are completely different and they are challenged by different problems. In Isreal the conflict with the neighboring Arab countries and Palestine have the greatest priority and in Germany the unemployment and domestic political problems are high on the agenda. But soon we realised that both nations had problems integrating the Asylum seekers and so we made that our aim. The project should have the effect that the people have a greater awareness of problems of asylum seekers and understand their culture and not see them as a threat or a repulsive culture.


With awareness comes acceptance and respect.


We also wanted to improve the Israeli German relationship which is extremely important because of our common turbulent past. 

If you wish to know more please contact us:


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