The Leo Baek education center haifa

The Leo Baeck Center in Haifa is rooted in the tradition of liberal Judaism

as it has been shaped by the Rabbi Leo Baeck (1873-1956) and was founded in 1939. Even in politically, economically and socially extremely difficult times the LBEC is trying to remain true to an education based on peace and coexistence between Jews and Arabs. The LBEC cooperates with Arab schools in Israel, supports Arab kindergartens and for many years it directed a joint summer camp for Jewish and Arab children. A special emphasis is put on the social, linguistic and educational integration of young immigrants, mainly from North African countries and the countries of the former Soviet Union. Jewish and Arab youth are also trained as future leaders.


If you wish to know more please contact us:


Josef-Braun-Ufer 15-16
68165 Mannheim

Tel. 0621-293-6523

Fax. 0621-293-6519


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