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I DARE is a project started by the two partner schools Lessing-Gymnasium in Mannheim Germany and the Leo-Baek Educationcenter in Haifa Israel. The project is funded by the foundation EVZ- Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft, which is based in Berlin.

It is our aim to make the world more peaceful by removing the stains of racism and prejudices!


I-DARE stands for:


- Israel 

- Deutschland

- Anti

- Racism 

- Education


We, as a young organisation, are trying to play our role in making the world a little more prejudice and racism free. Step by step! Of course we can't change the whole world but we are trying to change atleast our part of the world. That means our schools, our cities, our states and maybe our countries.

This website is your opportunity to learn more about our project and its achievements. You can experience how close Israeli German relationships are, how an asylum seeker lives in Mannheim, what the condition of the Turkish community in Mannheim is and many many more things! 


Find out youself and please contact us!

The team in Berlin

This project was implemented within the EUROPEANS FOR PEACE programme with support from the foundation "Remembrence, Responsibility and Future"(EVZ). The opinions expressed by the authors are not neccassarily those of the foundation EVZ. The author is solely responsible for the content.

If you wish to know more please contact us:


Josef-Braun-Ufer 15-16
68165 Mannheim

Tel. 0621-293-6523

Fax. 0621-293-6519


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